META mHealth: Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects in the Technological Age

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Team members

Surname, First name Title Position Phone
Akif, Ömer Medizinischer Doktorand/ doctoral candidate
Bhalla, Rachna Graduate student research assistant and intern
Greiderer, Tanja Doctoral Candidate +49(0)89/2180-72781
Hendl, Tereza PhD Postdoctoral Researcher +49(0)89/2180-72785
Jansky, Bianca M.A. Research Fellow +49(0)89/2180-72779
Kandel, Nirupa Graduate student research assistante and intern
Mertgen, Laura B.Sc. Intern +49(0)89/2180-72781
Nijsingh, Niels PhD Postdoctoral Researcher +49(0)89/2180-72785
Sauerborn, Ela B.A. Student Research Assistant +49(0)89/2180-72781
Selmansberger, Maria Communications Design
van Bergen, Anne MA External researcher +49(0)89/2180-72785
Wild, Verina PD Dr.  Deputy director Institute of Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine Project lead META Research Group Tel: +49 89 2180 72793