META mHealth: Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects in the Technological Age

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Nirupa Kandel and Rachna Bhalla join the team as graduate student research assistants and interns during their studies of MSc. Epidemiology at LMU. A warm welcome to the team!


Verina Wild contributes to the Bundesvereinigung Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung e.V. (BVPG) blog. Her interview is titled “mHealth in der Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung-Reflexion des digitalen Wandels” (mHealth in Health Prevention and Promotion-Reflexion on Digitisation.


Verina Wild and Bianca Jansky speak about their research on the BR podcast: Wearables. Elektronik Hautnah. (By Niklas Nau)


Verina Wild, Tereza Hendl, Niels Nijsingh and Bianca Jansky presented the META Team's preliminary informative webpage at the research colloquium at the Institute for Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine, LMU Munich.

December 2019

Tereza Hendl has received retrospective funding from the LMU Universitätsfrauenbeauftragte for Gleichstellung in Forschung und Lehre for her participation in the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare (ESPMH) conference in Oslo, Norway.


Verina Wild presents at the Status Conference "Digitisation and Health Promotion: emphasis on mHealth” held by the Federal Association of Prevention and Health Promotion (BVPG e.V.) in Berlin. Her presentation is titled, "mHealth: Reflexion des digitalen Wandels" (mHealth: reflection on the digital transformation).


Tereza Hendl and Niels Nijsingh present their paper “Menstrual surveillance is a feminist issue: privacy concerns in period and fertility apps” at the Feminist Data Protection workshop in Berlin.


Jake Ephros has completed his time with the META team as a visiting scholar. We wish him well, and we thank him for his work within the team! 

October 2019

Verina Wild is appointed as a regular member to the committee "Digitalisation in health care" of the German Medical Association.


Tereza Hendl and Bianca Jansky present their paper "Empowered through an mHealth interface? The epistemology of period and fertility apps" at the Interdisciplinary Conference on the Relations of Humans, Machines and Gender at the Braunschweig University of Art.


Verina Wild participates in the event "Bundesärztekammer im Dialog. Die Vertrauensfrage in der digitalen Medizin" with key note by Jens Spahn, German Health Minister. More information.


Eva Späh joins the team as an intern during her studies of MSc. Epidemiology at LMU Munich. A warm welcome to the team!


Nicole Peter successfully completed her Master of Public Health at the LMU Munich. We wish her luck in her future endeavors beyond the META team and LMU!


Bianca Jansky presents "Do-it-Yourself Technologies for Type 1 Diabetes Self-Care and The Transformation of Defined Social Role" at the Society of Social Studies of Science (4S) conference in New Orleans.


Tereza Hendl presents her and Bianca Jansky's paper “Empowered through an mHealth interface? The erasure of diversity in the epistemology of period and fertility trackers” at the Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures and Politics, at the Research Center for Cultures, Politics and Identities (IPAK Center) in Belgrade, Serbia.


Tereza Hendl presents her paper “mHealth, self-management and empowerment: digital health technologies from a public health perspective” at the 33rd European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare (ESPMH) conference on "Philosphy and Ethics at the Edge of Medicine" in Oslo, Norway.

01.07.2019 - 03.07.2019

Verina Wild and Lisa Herzog (Technical University Munich) organize the international Workshop "Digital Behavioural Technology, Vulnerability and Justice" at TU and LMU Munich. The keynote speakers are Karola Kreitmair, Philipp Kellmeyer, Samia Hurst-Majno, Jonathan Wolff.


The META-Advisory Board meets at the Munich Center for Ethics, LMU. The META team presents and discusses the results of their first year of research as well as future steps. Thank you to all members of the Advisory Board for their invaluable feedback. The Board Meeting closes with Karola Kreitmair's talk which opens the Workshop "Digital Behavioural Technology, Vulnerability and Justice".


The Project Portfolio META 2018-2019 is now available.